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Crémant de Bordeaux

‘‘ ‘Prise de mousse’ – a second fermentation in the bottle – of Bordeaux wines is an ancestral tradition which goes back more than a century.’’

An AOC at the heart of Bordeaux

The Crémant de Bordeaux, an AOC classified drink at the heart of Bordeaux and recognised since April 1990, this comes from a longstanding tradition in the region of producing sparkling wines, dating back as far as the 19th Century. The appellation applies to white wines and rosé wines. The Crémant de Bordeaux, which today sells some 6.4 million bottles per year, is likely to be produced across the entire Bordeaux AOC vineyard region (61,294 hectares across all AOC vineyards, of which 800 hectares are especially for Crémant).

Consult the Specifications of Crémant de Bordeaux.

A moderate oceanic climate

The vineyard enjoys a moderate and humid oceanic climate, characterised by mild winters with rare frosts, early springtime, beautiful sunny summers which are mild and long. The soil here is a sandy chalky clay.

To main grape varieties: sémillon and sauvignon

Two main grape varieties are used in production of the white Crémant de Bordeaux: sémillon, which makes up around 60% of the wine, and sauvignon. The rosé variety of Crémant de Bordeaux is a subtle combination of grape varieties such as cabernet (70%) and merlot (30%).


Well-known for the light bubbles it produces, the Crémant de Bordeaux is a shiny wine with a persistent sparkle, with a long and fruity aftertaste. This is a wonderful aperitif, but its temperament, vivacity and aromatic freshness make it ideal also as an accompaniment for meals. Crémant de Bordeaux is ideal for happy occasions.

Key figures (2018)

  • Total surface area of production : 910 ha
  • Production area : 143 villages
  • Number of producers : 6 mixers and 159 producers
  • Annual production : 66,571 hl
  • Sales : 20 % exports
  • Number of bottles sold : 6,4 million released from wineries

Bubble Party

“The Bubble Party is the event of the year that allows local opinion formers and the media to immerse themselves in the rising stars of Bordeaux so that they can take them to even greater heights. The Crémant de Bordeaux appellation is proud of ITS bubbles and the expertise of its producers”,
Dominique Furlan, chairman of the Crémant de Bordeaux department.
2019 will be the 7th edition of this now key event for Crémant de Bordeaux.
When? At the end of 2019
Where? In Bordeaux

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