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Crémant de Loire

‘‘ Crémant de Loire is the largest sparkling AOC variety in the Loire. ’’

An AOC at the heart of the Loire

The Crémant de Loire was recognised as an AOC on 17 October 1975. From the village of Drain (to the west of Angers) to Cheverny (to the weast of Tours), the production area spans across the AOC classified regions of Anjou, Saumur, Touraine and Chevery. 17 million bottles are today sold.

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Climactic nuances

The total scope of the Crémant de Loire appellation and its northern location lead to some climactic nuances. In the westernmost area, to the confines of Touraine, the climate is rather clement. More towards the Centre, the climate changes to become semi-continental. In terms of the soil, in the west there is a vast range of diversity in each of the regions of the appellation (sandstone, shale, chalk with clay, silica, gravel or sand and clay silica soil).

The two main grape varieties are chenin and cabernet franc

Whilst chenin is the white grape variety used for Crémant de Loire, cabernet franc is undeniably a red grape variety. However, these are not alone, as several grape varieties are used in a true mosaic in the production of Crémant de Loire, including chardonnay, pinot noir, grolleau noir, grolleau gris and even a highly original orbois, of which there are only a few extremely rare vineyard sin Loir-et-Cher. Cabernet sauvignon and pineau d’Aunis can also be used to some degree in the production.


The Crémant de Loire has a subtle nose and a pleasant freshness on the pallet, and sparkles for all occasions. It has a clear crystal robe with grey. Straw yellow or golden reflections. The rosé has a cherry-salmon robe. The Crémant de Loire has hints of white fruits, lemon, white flowers, nuts, almond or even a touch of vanilla and liquorice. The rosés have red fruit scents. Ideally served at 6 °C to 8 °C. After removal of the deposits following maturing on wooden slats, the sparkling wines are kept for several months in cellars prior to be distributed on the market. They should ideally be drunk within three years following purchase.

Key figures (2018)

  • Total surface area of production : 2,626 ha
  • Production area : 255 villages
  • Number of producers : 38 mixers and 597 producers
  • Annual production : 185,000 hl
  • Sales : 56 % exports
  • Number of bottles sold : 17 million per year

A privileged appellation for wine tourism

In “Crémant de Loire”, there is the Loire. Classified as a Unesco World Heritage Site, the Loire Valley, third largest AOC wine production area in France, and largest region for sparkling wine production, offers an unrivalled appeal for visitors. In the Saumur area alone, 500,000 visitors each year come to discover some forgotten marvels.

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Syndicat général des vignerons
producteurs de Crémant de Loire
Christian Pauleau, président
49000 Angers
Tél. : + 33 (0)2 41 88 60 57
E-mails : c.pauleau@orange.fr,

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