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Crémant du Jura

‘‘ Today the Crémant du Jura appellation represents almost one quarter of production of Jura AOC wines. ’’

One AOC at the heart of the Jura

The Crémant de Jura appellation is intrinsically linked to the Côtes du Jura, d’Arbois, Château-Chalon and Étoile Classified as an AOC on 9 October 1995, the Crémant du Jura sells around 1.7 million bottles per year. Today white Crémant du Jura is produced by over 90% of the domains, whilst 10% produce rosé Crémant du Jura.

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A semi-continental climate

The winters are harsh ; however, the clement weather begins from the first days of spring, leading to particularly warm summers and mild autumns. The chalky land in the Jura is mixed with clay, with compact shale beneath. The blue, black or red shale constitute the majority of the material underground.

There are four main varieties of grape : chardonnay, pinot noir, trousseau and poulsard

The varieties authorised are poulsard, pinot noir, trousseau, chardonnay and savagnin. For white Crémant du Jura, chardonnay, pinot noir and rousseau must represent 70% of the grapes used. For rosé Crémant du Jura, pinot noir, poulsard and trousseau must represent over 50%.


A convivial wine to enjoy during the good times, the Crémant du Jura is renowned for the finesse and lightness of its bubbles, which showcase the freshness and elegance of chardonnay or the aromatic flavour of poulsard. This can be served cool as an aperitif (alone or with macvin) or with dessert.

Key figures (2018)

  • Total surface area of production : 515 ha
  • Production area : 80 villages
  • Number of producers : 104 mixers and 450 producers
  • Annual production : 35,000 hl
  • Sales : 30 % exports
  • Number of bottles sold : 1,7 million per year

Finesse and lightness

Crémant du Jura is renowned for its fine, light bubbles which showcase the freshness and elegance of its chardonnay and the aromatic finesse of poulsard, as well as its savagnin notes. It can be served along with Macvin du Jura or alone, as an aperitif or dessert wine.

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Société de viticulture du Jura
Daniel Cousin, directeur
39016 Lons-le-Saunier Cedex
Tél. : + 33 (0)3 84 35 14 02
E-mail : daniel.cousin@jura.chambagri.fr

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